Money with a purpose

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Money is a social construct, a human invention. We can redesign it to fulfil our needs.

What is conventional money?

Money is not a given. Although we are often not aware of it, the dollar, euro and other currencies we use are essentially a choice of governments. Money is created by commercial banks through debt, and this system relies on interest to repay the issued money in the first place.

What are community currencies?

Since money is man made, it can be reinvented to positively influence relations in the social, environmental and economic domain, to better serve our individual and collective needs. A community currency is therefore a currency that sits between a loyalty point on one side and a currency like the euro on the other side. The community currencies that Qoin implements have four main purposes:

  • Build a resilient local economy and strengthen businesses,
  • Raise liveability of neighbourhoods,
  • Improve the delivery of social and informal care services,
  • Reduce carbon footprint.

Contact us to see how a community currency can help make a difference in your area!