Waste management companies

Qoin offers a platform where different organisations collaborate in order to reach their respective objectives whilst realising prosperous community. Organisations in the public housing, healthcare, local government but also businesses and charities utilise the value propositions to their own and their community’s benefit.

Waste management companies utilise currencies to reduce operational costs and to improve the quality of the waste collected. This leads to positive outcomes for their turnover and cost base. For example:

  • Reduce waste collection costs by stimulating their clients to bring their domestic waste to the recycling centres;
  • Get access to high quality resources by incentivising their clients to better separate their domestic waste;
  • Generate higher turnover by reselling larger quantities of higher quality resources to processors.

Waste management companies engage and motivate their clients to reduce waste, separate waste and self deliver waste by rewarding them for their efforts. The rewards take the form of local currency, which can for example be spent for shopping at local businesses.

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