Public housing associations

Qoin offers a platform where different organisations collaborate in order to reach their respective objectives whilst realising prosperous community. Organisations in public housing, healthcare, local government, as well as businesses and charities, utilise the tested value propositions that offers their own and their community’s benefit.

Public housing organisations utilise city currencies to improve the quality of their services, to realise cost-savings and at the same time to strengthen the relationship with its tenants. For example:

  • Increase the number of tenants that pay their rent on time; and thus reduce late-rent collection costs;
  • Reduce maintenance costs by stimulating tenants to take co-responsibility of shared areas (e.g. garden maintenance, cleaning common spaces);
  • Improve liveability and social cohesion by stimulating participation in tenant’s commissions and at local social events;
  • Decrease financing costs due to better cared for property and increased attractiveness of the place.

Public housing organisations engage and motivate their tenants to contribute to their objectives by rewarding them for their efforts. The rewards take the form of local currency, which can for example be spent for shopping at local businesses.

Contact us to find out how a currency may value to your public housing association’s objectives.