Charities & clubs

Qoin offers a platform where different organisations collaborate in order to reach their respective objectives whilst realising prosperous community. Organisations in the public housing, healthcare, local government but also businesses and charities utilise the value propositions to their own and their community’s benefit.

Charities and clubs utilise currencies to play a stronger role in their community and to improve their financial position. For example:

  • Strengthen member’s engagement and encourage participation from the community;
  • Attract new members;
  • Access to new funding streams;
  • Decrease out of pocket cost;
  • Promote their mission and activities.

Charities and clubs engage and motivate their members to contribute to their objectives by rewarding them with local currency. Members can also help charities or clubs to raise funds by saving local currency for them when shopping at local businesses or when doing voluntary work at a healthcare institution.

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