Contributing to a better world

Photo credit: Timothy Takemoto

Photo credit: Timothy Takemoto

Our level of consumption is far above the resources available in the planet. “One person in the United States will, by 4am in the morning of 2 January, already have been responsible for the equivalent in climate change causing carbon emissions that a Tanzanian would take a whole year to generate. A UK citizen would reach the same point by 7pm on 4 January” (Ref The Consumption Explosion).

However, so far environmental targets remained unmet. We urgently need new, positive instruments for social change.

Contributing to a better world is your profit

Green currencies trigger the transition to a sustainable economy by making sustainable consumption an attractive, easy and convenient choice. These instruments encourage people to buy locally grown food; switch to a renewable energy supplier; and even install energy and water efficient appliances in their homes. Green currencies empower people to “do their bit for the environment” by providing clear economic benefits at the same time.

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