Since 1993, Qoin’s founding directors have been active to support community currencies when they both worked for STRO. Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers established Barataria in 1998, which lead to foundation of the label “Qoin” in 2006. With the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, Rob and Edgar knew that ‘our time had come’. That turned out to be true. In the following years, Qoin grew into what we currently are.

Qoin is a small but powerful organisation. Our passionate international staff is headquartered in Amsterdam, and is operational around the world, with a focus on North West Europe. We regularly collaborate with a team of independent professionals and specialised organisations in order to better shape and deliver our solutions. Qoin participates on a structural basis in various international research and development projects in order to get more grip on the impact of currencies on societies.

In brief, Qoin:

  • Is member, initiated, and co-secured the funding of the EU-collaborations Community Currencies in Action, SamenDoen, and NU-spaarpas.
  • Is responsible for the infrastructure behind SamenDoenBristol Pound, Brixton Pound, Makkie, SoNantes, TradeQoin, Troeven, WeHelpen, and many others.
  • Cooperates with the municipalities of Amsterdam (NL), Lambeth (London, UK), Nantes (FR), Tholen (NL), and others; the provinces and regions of Limburg (BE), Achterhoek (NL) and others; the Dutch and Flemish governments; The banks Rabobank, Bristol Credit Union (BCU), Credit Municipal de Nantes;  Insurance companies; Pension funds, Chèque Déjeuner, etc.
  • Initiated and managed the Amsterdam LETS Noppes (1993- 1998), and the sustainable incentive programme NU-spaarpas (1999 – 2003) in Rotterdam.
  • Is the Dutch language curator of the Community Currency Knowledge Gateway
  • Is actively working on designing & implementing innovative currencies for energy players & retail brands.