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SamenDoen is a community currency program designed to strengthen local economic activity, to stimulate citizen’s civic participation and to support institutions in the housing, healthcare and welfare sector in executing their policies. SamenDoen’s main goal is to help building vibrant and resilient communities.

Not only does SamenDoen align the objectives of multiple stakeholders, but it also offers a vast array of incentives for individuals to become active and engaged with their surroundings. It consists of several components:

  • Local loyalty: SMEs increase sales and loyalty by rewarding their customers with SamenDoen-points for purchases
  • Behavioural rewards: Institutions in the housing, healthcare and welfare sectors optimise their service delivery or realise cost savings by rewarding citizens with SamenDoen-points for desired behaviour
  • Sharing economy: Citizens help each other and pay one another with SamenDoen-points
  • Donations: Citizens can donate some of the SamenDoen-points they saved to a local voluntary association, sport club or charity of their choice

A sound business model allows new SamenDoen communities to swiftly build up scale and to reach meaningful impacts while offering real value to all uses. SamenDoen is a self-sustaining currency model that is locally run and locally owned. The first communities are in Bergen op Zoom and in Tholen in the Netherlands.

Download below the case study: