WeHelpen is an online platform for voluntary help in the Netherlands. The programme helps people to search for assistance and favours in the informal healthcare domain, rather than depending exclusively on friends and family or on professionals. WeHelpen is a tool empowering everyone to contribute to the social care system.

The programme is designed to fulfill the needs of an ageing population. It builds upon current social developments such as individualisation, increased mobility and arises as a response to the effects of the economic crisis on the welfare state and healthcare system. By providing a new infrastructure that stimulates and supports people to voluntarily help each other, WeHelpen aims at creating solid networks of mutual support for the needy. Over the years, WeHelpen has contributed to combat loneliness, build strong communities around elderly or people with health problems and simultaneously strengthen social cohesion.

Qoin has developed the time-based currency model at the root of Wehelpen, along with realising and implementing the IT platform for the exchange of credits.