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SamenDoen is a community currency programme in the Dutch Municipalities of Tholen and Bergen op Zoom. Residents, local government, local associations, and independent shopkeepers co-created this programme that engages people to support their local community. The project employs a ‘carrot’ rather than a ‘stick’ approach.

SamenDoen incentivises people with points to consume locally, to actively participate in the neighbourhood and to keep the community a clean and safe place to live. For instance, one can earn points when shopping at the local bakery, providing assistance to elderly people or by executing simple tasks such as keeping the courtyard clean on the request of the housing association. People not only earn points for themselves, but also for a local association of their choice such as their sports club, scouts or a local charity. People can redeem their points for discounts at shopkeepers or special offers. Local associations can redeem their points for euros. All members of the programme are allowed to exchange points with each other. So it is perfectly possible to give away your points to the person that walks your dog on a day you are not able to. To be part of the programme means it benefits you and the community!

Qoin has designed the SamenDoen concept, developed the entire IT infrastructure including an innovative NFC payment system and is in the lead of the international dissemination of results and lessons learned.

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