Sander de Rijke

Product Manager

Sander is product manager at Qoin, responsible for all products. This ranges from developing new to actually implementing and improving existing products. In practice, this means product descriptions, defining features, setting functional requirements and positioning the product, as well as effectively pre-empting and solving problems. The ultimate goal of is to optimize the quality of the product and the user experience. For this purpose he conducts market research, collects feedback, executes usability tests and spends time with clients to understand their problems and needs. As product manager, Sander has a very interdisciplinary role, bridging gaps between teams of different expertise, most notably ICT, sales, marketing and communication, operations, legal and project management.

He is passionate about making products work as well as collaborate with others to make them work even better! Fully grasping how a product works and address its strengths and weaknesses, makes his daily efforts almost immediately visible. Because Qoin products are innovative, there are plenty of challenges and puzzles on all aspects of development and implementation that need to be addressed. Sander is up for it.

Sander holds an MSc degree in International Relations (Political Sciences) obtained in 2009 from the International School for the Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Amsterdam). He studied Sociology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as well, obtaining a BSc degree in 2007.

Besides his job at Qoin, Sander is active as a regional coordinator of MyWheels – a car-sharing organisation in the Netherlands – and Editor for the scientific journal Comparative Sociology at Brill academic publishers, Leiden.

In his spare time, Sander enjoys going out, visiting festivals, watching tv-series, gaming and playing poker with friends. He is also a music enthusiast. When not working, Sander can be found playing tennis or snowboarding during the winter holidays.

Sander is a team player, helpful and able to translate between different jargon of ICT-developers, policy developers, marketeers and so on. He is well organized and precise and has well-developed analytical skills. Sander is well known for his pragmatism and displaying a high level of critical thinking in process analysis and problem resolution.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Skype: sanderderijke