Gert Meeder

Project Manager

Gert’s expertise concentrates around the field of currency implementation. He is experienced in translating (new) currency models into software configurations, designing workflows and key processes for various currencies and optimizing user experience design. Next to that, Gert is one of our main experts on fundraising (both conventional grant applications and new forms of fundraising, such as crowd-funding). Gert is operations manager responsible for strategic management, business planning and new concept development.

For Gert, rethinking the economy in a positive way is a purposeful activity, which puts him in touch with many very motivated and interesting people. Out-of-the box thinking is the norm at Qoin, and from that he derives a lot of energy and inspiration.

Content wise, he sees the monetization of commodities and asset backed currencies in general as some of the most exciting new developments to be part of, with very high disruptive potential.

Gert holds a Bachelors degree in industrial management and a Masters degree in business studies (marketing strategy). He got involved with Qoin during an internship, and after graduating got the opportunity to join Qoin – just at the moment the organization strengthened its focus on the field of complementary currencies.

In his free time, Gert enjoys nature, art, history, traveling, reading, and playing squash.

Contact details


Skype: gert.meeder