Edgar Kampers

Chief currency officer

Edgar is Chief Currency Officer at Qoin, where he focuses on policy strategy, monetary design, legal advice and compliance, fundraising, as well as monitoring and research. He has long experience in assisting authorities, SMEs and citizens to use community currencies to reach social inclusion, build community, stimulate economic development and ecological balance.

He is active in the TimeQoin division, which is specialised in the development, design, implementation and research of currencies with social goals. He has helped to set up WeHelpen, the Dutch nation-wide platform for voluntary help in the healthcare sector, which is backed by health insurances, health care institutions, pension funds and the Dutch largest bank.

Edgar had a decisive role in the development and implementation of the largest time based currency programme in Amsterdam. The Makkie is a timebanking and time loyalty programme that rewards residents who take an active role in their community. This is a vibrant policy outcome of a partnership between the Municipality of Amsterdam, housing corporations and community associations.

Edgar has been working as a community currency expert since 1993. He is specialised in sustainable economic development, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and changing consumer behaviour. Edgar holds an MSc in Political Science, and worked as Director of NU-spaarpas, researcher at Social Trade Organisation (STRO), and manager of the Climate and Economy team at SNM (Stichting Natuur en Milieu – a leading environmental organisation of the Netherlands). He is regularly invited to present his knowledge and expertise at conferences, workshops and symposia around the world. Consider watching this video to see him in action.

In his free time, he enjoys eating mediterranean food, hiking in the Norwegian mountains and he also likes to challenge his colleagues to play squash!

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Skype: edgar.kampers

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/edgarkampers

Twitter: @edgarkampers