Noppes was the first and is one of the largest LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems) in the Netherlands. Launched in Amsterdam in 1993 by Rob van Hilten on behalf of STRO, Noppes aims to facilitate the development of the sharing economy among local residents. The term “Nop” is local slang for “cheap” or “nothing”, referring to the exchanges where no ordinary money is involved.

Using Noppes, citizens can exchange goods and services without spending an internal currency instead of Euros (then, Guilders). This improves social relations among users and generate environmental benefits because second hand products are traded.

LETS like Noppes are used to trade products among a local community. Most activity takes place on the on-line marketplace where goods and services are offered or requested, expressed in a price in Noppes. Users make deals through the internal messaging system or by direct contact if they already know each other.

The model was copied in many places in and outside the Netherlands.