Seminar “New Financial Instruments” at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior

September 23, 2015


Our recent seminar “New Financial Instruments” organised together with the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and De Coöperatieve Samenleving discussed the theory and the practice of community currencies as instruments that support social participation. More than 160 representatives of Dutch public authorities including Ministries, Provinces and Municipalities attended this event on September 21.

The seminar focussed on the growing number of initiatives involving local authorities, businesses, civic organisations and citizens that make use of community currencies to achieve policy goals. These new types of financial instruments align the objectives of different actors to deliver social, economic or environmental goals.

During the seminar several initiatives of community currencies currently operating in the Netherlands and Belgium were presented. In Tholen and Bergen op Zoom, residents use the currency SamenDoen to pay for friendly services and mutual help. The Alpha currency, running in Alphen aan den Rijn, supports the city economy by encouraging local spending. In the Belgian Flanders, the currency Troeven helps people cooperate to provide assistance to the elderly. These examples highlight how a more inclusive, equal and prosperous society is possible with community currencies.

Qoin provides citizens, governments and businesses the tools to set up their community currency programmes that help them achieve their goals.