Qoin nominated for the Dutch FinTech Awards 2017

March 15, 2017

The Dutch FinTech Award celebrates companies that shape the future of finance. It is the place where innovative and disruptive companies in the financial technology industry are awarded for their efforts to challenge the status quo.

Qoin is nominated to be included in the top 50 of this award. Joining the FinTech top 50 is a unique opportunity for us to promote our work and extend our network. That’s why we are asking for your vote. You can vote for Qoin here!  

Every vote counts

Qoin helps to build strong communities in cities and regions where people, businesses, governments and institutions achieve meaningful social, environmental and economic goals. We build and launch advanced local reward programs that foster social cohesion and participation, strengthen the local economy and support local clubs and non-profit organisations. Read more about SamenDoen, one of our programs here.

We think we should be included in the top 50 of the Dutch FinTech award because:

  • We transform money from purpose to means. We re-design money to address changing needs in society. Our complementary currency programs are a means to empower local governments, institutions and SMES to solve local issues together.
  • We co-create new money that works for people, businesses and local governments. We co-develop programs that address multiple social, economic and environmental issues at the same time, and that reward users for the desired behaviour instead of punishing unwanted behaviour.
  • Our programs serves needs that are not addressed in the existing monetary system. Think for example about strengthening local economies, valuing desirable civil behaviour like taking responsibility for livability of our neighbourhood, stimulating volunteerism or caring for the elderly.
  • We can identify social relationships on the basis of transactional data, and inform policymakers. Our programs are implemented to reach specific policy objectives. We provide constant feedback to policymakers to ensure a consistent execution of their goals.

Your vote is very important to us. Please vote for Qoin here! 

Thank you very much!