People Powered Money

May 28, 2015


People Powered Money is the result of the Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) project, running from 2012-2015. The book is a how-to guide on creating your own community currency. Covering everything from currency design to project management, People Powered Money is available for free download.

As the conventional monetary system foundered following the financial crisis in 2008, interest in new types of money and how they can be used positively within our society has surged. Projects like Bitcoin have hit the headlines. Less noted, however, are the communities around the world which have started to experiment with their own currencies and methods of exchange.

Such experiments indicate that people are not simply interested in money in terms of how they can get more of it. Rather, a set of more profound questions are being posed: What exactly is money and where does it come from? What problems are caused by the dominant forms of money we use? And, perhaps most intriguingly, how can money be re-designed to better serve our individual and collective needs?

People Powered Money reveals how currency innovation has the potential to make the world a better place – and explains how communities can create their own.