Qoin is working on NFC technology for community currencies

September 9, 2014


NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a technology that enables contact-less exchange of data between devices. NFC chips can be embedded in several objects including, for example, smartphones, stickers and smart cards. Qoin is bringing this technology into the community currency world to further enhance the features of its flagship IT system QoinWare.

Qoin will use NFC as a mobile payment channel to supplement the traditional methods of text-to-pay and printed notes. Soon, Samen Doen users will be able to pay at participating retail venues seamlessly by simply placing their smart cards, stickers or smartphones next to an NFC terminal.

This disruptive technology will be applied also to other programmes run by Qoin. NFC payment technology, believed to be the ticket to the future, is expected to significantly increase the ease of use of community currencies.