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September 24, 2014

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Three years ago we had a dream.
The financial downturn was at its peak. Entrepreneurs had to work very hard to survive and competition with large companies kept growing.

Our dream? Helping small, regional companies to survive. The bike shop around the corner. The fine wine shop that knows exactly what you need. The bookkeeper you have been doing business with for years.

In short: we wanted a stronger SME sector. And so, a healthy local economy. 

The start of TradeQoin

That is why we introduced TradeQoin. A digital currency for smart entrepreneurs. SME entrepreneurs pay for each other’s products and services with TradeQoin. This way, they boost their turnover and profit, and save their euro expenditures at the same time.

Invest in TradeQoin

We have started a crowd-funding campaign to help TradeQoin grow further. You can be an investor for as little as €20.

Join the dozens of people who believe in TradeQoin and have already become investors: read more about the investment opportunity.

Invest in TradeQoin!