Brixton Pound joins CCIA Partnership

June 27, 2014

BrixtonPound 1


We are pleased to report that the Brixton Pound will receive the support of the Community Currencies in Action (CCIA).

The Brixton Pound will benefit from a state of the art electronic banking platform that is currently underway for two other CCIA projects: SoNantes in France and TradeQoin in the Netherlands. The platform will enhance the user experience and add reporting features on the currency usage.

The Brixton Pound is money that sticks to Brixton, a neighbourhood in the London Borough of Lambeth, UK. It supports Brixton businesses and encourages local trade and production. Several Civil Servants of Lambeth City Council and a few businesses voluntarily receive part of their salary in the local currency. Local retailers can pay their business rates in Brixton Pound.

Qoin is a frontrunner in helping the Brixton Pound improve its banking engine.