Scalabale based on the needs of your project


QoinWare has a flexible architecture that can support small local initiatives as well as large scale (inter)national ventures with thousands of transactions per second.

The standard QoinWare set-up will support the following usage levels without sacrificing speed on tasks or page transitions.

  • More than 100,000 registered users
  • At least 600 transactions an hour
  • Up to 100 concurrent users doing a transaction or placing an advertisement at the same time

For projects that are scaling up we can rapidly expand our capacity to maintain optimal performance levels. Based on the exact needs of your venture we are ready to apply web server clustering & load balancing to boost performance. When levels of millions of users are reached, with over 10,000 consecutive transactions, we can introduce a clustered database server solution.

We host QoinWare in a highly secure environment and can provide you with several other services such as DNS management. This enables you to fully focus on your core business and make your currency program a success.

Check out the following features of QoinWare or contact us to find out more.