Point-of-sale NFC solution

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We provide a fast and convenient contactless payment solution for shops, restaurants and merchants. At the core of this solution lays our Android-based app running on NFC terminals. The Android app can also be used on any Android smartphone equipped with NFC technology. This is a cost-effective, robust and flexible solution for all types of currency programs.

The terminals can be configured to support both payments from consumers to businesses (C2B, purchases) and payments from businesses to consumers (B2C, or loyalty payments). For loyalty purposes, the terminal can be set-up in such a way that the amounts to be transferred are calculated on basis of national currency expenditure. However, businesses can be given full discretion in determining the height of the loyalty rewards they give.

Furthermore, the terminals allow for the following features:

  • Direct sign-ups,
  • Card UIDs and/or NFC token support,
  • Custom style.

The terminals can be managed and updated remotely and employees of businesses can be given their own credentials to use the device in the shop for auditability purposes. The device can be connected to the internet via WiFi or via mobile internet. We can provide the M2M SIM cards when WiFi connectivity is substandard.

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