Multi-channel sign-ups

Easy sign-up workflow


Registering new users is possible both via an online registration form and via the NFC Application. You can choose which sign-up workflows are most suited to fit with your project and security requirements.

To allow users to sign-up online, the minimum level of detail they must provide is an e-mail address and a password. We can customise the registration form to encompass the exact details you need to capture from your users.

QoinWare allows registration via the NFC application when a new card is presented. In this way, users can link a new NFC card to their existing account, or create a new account and receive temporary login credentials on the spot in any participating business. The system can be made to accept any NFC card (such as most modern public transport or bank cards), or restrict users to only use cards issued by your own organisation.


sign-up via NFC


Two-Factor authentication

For projects that require a high level of security, we can enable two-factor authentication. This allows the validation of the user’s mobile phone number as well as their e-mail address. Two-factor authentication can subsequently be used for significant profile changes on the part of the user as well (such as changing their e-mail address or password).

This extra level of security will make user accounts less vulnerable to hacking or misuse.
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