QoinWare: Multi-channel transactions and user experienceQoinWare is a one of a kind digital currency portal solution. It allows a rapid delivery of community currency systems in a wide range of domains. The platform has been developed over the last few years on basis of our expertise in using some of the best currency management systems available in the market.

QoinWare is a highly customisable system that comes with a currency management environment with configurable business logic, SEPA/PayPal integration, transactions via SMS, mobile apps, contactless payments using NFC technology, analytics and much more. Beyond providing a Cyclos based currency management environment with banking grade security for the monetary components of the system, QoinWare sets itself apart by providing a superior, multi-channel, user experience.

Our REST-based APIs make it possible to connect to third party systems with ease. Examples of such integrations include payment service providers, banking and trading platforms, credit card processors, CRM systems and social media. QoinWare comes with a CMS and an admin interface that will empower your staff to take control of the day-to-day operations of your initiative and to start servicing your users.

We have launched numerous projects and schemes across Europe that run on QoinWare backed by our “Currency As A Service” (CAAS) offering. Current projects include SamenDoen, TradeQoin, Brixton Pound, SoNantes and many others.

QoinWare is under active development and we have many great ideas for the future. If you want to know more about our development pipeline, just get in touch with us!

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