Setting up a new community currency programme is a dynamic process. Where do you start? How do you actually create a new currency? How do you make sure it meets legal and fiscal requirements? How do you deploy an effective, reliable and secure IT platform and payment system? And finally, how do you actually run a community currency successfully?

Qoin has unique expertise and knowledge on all aspects of setting up, tailoring, developing, testing, implementing and operating community currency programmes. Our experts have refined the capabilities to combine multidisciplinary know-how to ensure meaningful impacts and tangible long-term success.

Our approach to consulting focuses on:

  1. Exploring how a community currency can help reach your aims
  2. Creating a currency concept tailored to your needs and ambitions
  3. Building a business case and a plan for delivery
  4. Implementing and operating your community currency

With us you can expect all the services that can unlock the full potential of your business and organisation!

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